Drowning Lessons

by Drowning Lessons

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released June 11, 2017

Tanner - Guitar and Voice
Sean - Bass and Voice
Jalen - Drums

Recorded by Hank



all rights reserved


Drowning Lessons Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: I've Failed You
It echoes through my spine
Failure inside

I thought I'd struck a nerve
But I don't believe you'd let me
You wouldn't even let me in
Look into my eyes
Why would I find success
You wouldn't even let me in
Track Name: Angel
Mind stolen bent broken held tight and squeezed tighter each time you know it you might not be right

Puncture it puncture me there's no fight there's not an ounce of fight left in me my masked mind wilts

And it seems like there's just a new way to lose
And it feels like there's always something to prove
Track Name: Citrus
Tell me who you want me to be
Tell me who I am again
I'll hold it till I can't anymore
I erode but I can't let go

I wish I felt as little as you think I do

Open your eyes
My blood fuels you

Fallen short yet again
You're so quick to rid me of my skin

Tell me who I am again
And what I can't be

My blood fuels your life
Open your eyes
Tell me who I am
I can't say no
Track Name: Ol' Faithful
I want you in my life
I lock my eyes to your eyes

I'm sorry, I thought I had to say something worth hearing
Give it up, there's a difference between what I'm willing to do and who I'm willing to be.
Track Name: Maybe Nothing
The way your lips shift to the side when you talk, it always came off a little bit off.
But today I see confidence and I can't tell if that smile stems from pride or pity.
(See it all for the first time for the first time)
But when you see it all for the first time that's the worst time
(Mean it all in the worst way in the worst way)
And I'm not asking for an excuse. But can you tell me, what the fuck am I supposed to do?

What's left to say
You pushed me away
What's left to say
I don't know
Maybe nothing.

(See it all in the worst way in the worst way)
I'm glad, I mean it
(Mean it all for the first time for the first time)
Glad you found a place you feel you fit although I'll admit it seems kind of forced but what doesn't?

Maybe nothing.